For Immediate Release September 15, 2017


Holliston, MA. September 5, 2017: TBS Technologies, LLC announced today its exclusive distribution agreement for its TBS-1080 Chlorine Dioxide (CD) Gas Generation System with Nova Biostorage+. TBS Technologies LLC, headquartered in Holliston, Massachusetts, develops products based on patented proprietary technology that rapidly generates and delivers chlorine dioxide gas at the point-of-need, allowing small scale applications to benefit from superior gas phase disinfection. This new standard in user-friendly stringent disinfection of BioSafety cabinets provides labs with a portable, powerful, cost-effective, and practical alternative to the carcinogenicity of traditional disinfection agents.

TBS Technologies CEO Tom Dee says, “We are delighted to form this relationship with Nova Biostorage+. The success and rapid growth of Nova Biostorage+ in key Life Science markets will be a terrific plus and will rapidly bring the TBS-1080 to the attention of many potential customers. Nova Biostaorage+ has earned a great reputation in Life Sciences and has had great success introducing innovative products, TBS is proud to be their newest partner.”

Nova Biostorage+ CEO Jim Mortimer says, “At Nova Biostorage+ we have always strived to provide our customers with unique, value added products to enhance life science research. The TBS-CD system meets this strategy and we are very enthusiastic with this new relationship.”

About TBS: TBS Technologies LLC has invented a novel, tunable and portable way to disinfect small spaces in controlled environments. TBS expects to be a leading provider of ClO2 gas phase disinfection devices that can be applied to reduce bacteria and viruses in laboratory, life sciences, healthcare, agricultural facilities. TBS offers to customers a never before possible capability to achieve superior disinfection results with a cost-effective yet powerful and practical device.

About Nova Biostorage+: With 15 years of experience, and strong familiarity of the life science research market, we are able to provide cutting-edge solutions to improve: sample collection, sample storage, sample tracking, measurement and automation. We love working directly with our customer to provide solutions to everyday challenges-saving them time and money, or more importantly, improving their processes and results.

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Chlorine dioxide has been recognized for its disinfectant properties since the early 1900s.

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