Controlled Environments in Bio-Research, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries
Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other facilities have numerous controlled environments, such as biosafety cabinets and isolators which require periodic disinfection. TBS' technology can provide high level disinfection of such spaces economically with a minimum of downtime and labor.

Driving Innovation with Breakthrough Technology
TBS develops products, based on patented proprietary technology that, for the first time, rapidly generate and deliver chlorine dioxide gas at the point-of-need, allowing small scale applications to benefit from gas phase disinfection.

The TBS-1080 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Generation System is the first chlorine dioxide generation system designed for the disinfection of BioSafety Cabinets (BSCs) in compliance with NSF/ANSI Standard 49 protocol (G. Method 1) for the fixed mass of chlorine dioxide gas that fits inside a BSC, thereby eliminating the need for external hoses. It is portable, efficient, and low-cost and does not use or produce chlorine (Cl2) gas.

The innovation of the TBS-1080 chlorine dioxide gas generator is its use of reagent solutions in prepackaged cartridges: The CD-Pak for the generation of CD gas and the R-Pak for the activation and neutralization of the CD gas reaction mixture at the end of the disinfection cycle.

The CD-Pak cartridge contains a 25% solution of Sodium Chlorite use to generate the CD gas.

The dual cartridge R-Pak contains an activation solution and a quenching and neutralizing solution that provides for safe disposal after the disinfection procedure is completed.

The CD-Pak-60 and R-Pak-60 are used to disinfect BSCs up to 60 ft3 and the CD-Pak-90 and R-Pak-90 cartridges are used for BSCs up to 90 ft3.

TBS Technologies' breakthrough technology will provide a better and more thorough way to disinfect smaller controlled environment spaces which could not have easily been done before.

TBS' patented technology provides a unique way to generate chlorine dioxide on site at the point-of-need, rapidly, easily and at a low cost.

To use: - it's Easy and Simple:

  • A) Place the TBS-1080 Chlorine Dioxide (CD) Gas Generation System in the BSC to be disinfected.
  • B) Insert the reusable and refillable cartridges into the unit and close and latch the lid.
  • C) Seal the small opening with the control panel accessible from the outside.
  • D) Push the safety two stage start button and follow the instructions to start the disinfection cycle.
  • E) At the end of the disinfection cycle, and once all the gas is removed, the reaction mixture can be disposed of safely by pouring down the drain.
  • F) Return the cartridges to TBS in the shipping tote provided for refilling and reuse.

Chlorine dioxide, long recognized as a superior disinfectant chemical, has been registered by the USEPA for 50 years for a wide variety of uses and its efficacy against various microorganisms is well documented.

TBS did not invent chlorine dioxide - TBS invented a practical way for the superior power of chlorine dioxide to be used for small applications.

TBS-1080 fits in any Controlled Environment: BSCs, Isolators, Incubators or any small area that requires disinfection

The TBS-1080 is fully compliant with NSF/ANSI Standard 49 protocol (G. Method 1) for fixed mass of CD

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